tengkorak babi hutanCARVING OF WILD PIG’S  SKULL | IDR 3.500.000

Ukiran-T-Kerbau-019CARVING OF BUFFALO SKULL | IDR 2.500.000

horse-skullCARVING OF HORSE SKULL | IDR 2.500.000
This skull not allowed to bring abroad

CARVING OF GOAT SKULL Ukiran Tengkorak Kepala Kambing

Ukiran Tengkorak Kepala Kambing

Bone carving is the act of creating art forms by carving into animal bones and often includes the carving of antlers and horns. It can result in the ornamentation of a bone, or the creation of a figure. It has been practiced by a variety of world cultures, sometimes as a cheaper, and recently a legal, substitute for ivory carving. It was important in prehistoric art, with notable figures like the Swimming Reindeer (antler), and many of the Venus figurines. The Anglo-Saxon Franks Casket is a bone casket imitating earlier ivory ones. Bone was also used by artists and craftsmen to try out their designs, especially by metalworkers. Such pieces are known as “trial-pieces”. [source wikipedia]