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KAYU GALLERY BALI (google maps)
Jalan Raya Kangetan, Desa Singakerta, Kecamatan Ubud  (80571)

Contact Person : Ni Komang Ayu Sri Rejeki
Mobile : +62 81 734 7036  (whatsapp ready for quick response)



What is a contact person? How is it useful?
If your customer wants you to contact a different person or let their team members kow about their subscription related activities like billing, payments etc., you can add them as a person as a Contact Person for the customer.

Once added, add the contact person(s) to the email list and all notifications related to the customer’s subscription will be sent to the contact person(s).

Only you can add/update Contact Person for the customer. Your customers cannot add/ update their contact person.

You can also enable Customer Portal for the contact persons. This way they can manage their subscription as well.

To create a contact person,

Go to the Customers module and select the customer to whom you want to create the contact person for.
In the customer overview screen next, click “+” button next to Contact Persons section.

In the following popup, enter the details and hit Save.
Now, to send the subscription related notifications to the contact persons follow the steps below.

For subscriptions created already,

Go to the Subscriptions module and select the subscription for which the notifications has to be sent to the contact person.
In the subscription overview section, scroll down and click Manage Contacts button.

In the following popup, select the contacts to which subscription related notifications has to be sent using the checkbox and click on Save.
For new subscriptions,

While creating a new subscription, select the contact person using the checkbox in the Email To section to which subscription related notification has to be sent.

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